suommy: € думаю,многим будет интересно почитать,темболе ыла просьба переслать письмо всем возможным лицам,что бы никто не попалс€ на очередную аферу...печально..а может кто уже получал такое письмо??? Hello All I have been asked by Nicky Moon of Zucci Chinese Cresteds in UK to pass this information on to any Crested friends and breeders that i may know of, as she feels that this information should be known by as many people as possible , so that others are aware and do not have to go through the stress and misery that she has had to ! Nicky Moon also say's please could everyone pass this information on to their friends and other crested breeders so they can also be aware. I FEEL I HAVE TO REPLY TO LIES AND ALLEGATIONS FROM TRUDE VAN DE PALD & IRIS SHULTZ ZUCCI SUMMER TIME BLUES (Harley) was sold at 12 weeks old to SOLINO'S KENNEL in Germany as a show potential puppy with an agreed contract to stay with her for life. 6 weeks after he arrived at Solino's he moved on without my knowledge to a novice friend of Solinos kennel Trude Van de Pald in the Netherlands, as Iris told me her males THE CONTENDER and Bill her other male, will not accept other males. Harley has his show titles which he gained with Iris and Trude to prove he was and still is show quality. He was to have been an exchange for a show potential hairless male from Solino's. After an extremely long time of wating, Solino's sent me my supposed show quality HL male "Solino's Nickleback" now SOLINO'S NICKLEBACK FOR ZUCCI . (as per UK regestration) To my horror this dog was not a HL male, but was actually a 14" clipped off Powderpuff, with one ear down ( but ear sent taped up) . Nickle had a limp on his front leg, which was very obvious on arrival , and a very odd temperament, bordering on uncontrollable, so very regrettably he was totally unsuitable in my experienced opinion for a show or breeding dog. It was also noted by the staff at Animal reception at Heathrow that Nickle appeared as though he was possibly sedated on arrival in UK. When I told all this to Iris, her reply was "can t you PET HOME HIM? " !! I sent him back to Solino's as I felt this was best for this dog's mental stability ! I asked for a replacement , my request was refused ! I asked for Harley to be sent back to me, they refused! I was told by IRIS by email They had used Harley on 3 females, this is now denied and changed to 2 females. He was then tested and had 0 sperm. As any breeder of experience knows, a dog can become infertile from many different reasons, and considering that Harley s brother in the US has a full sperm count, and the other litter brother has already produced litters, I cannot accept liability for a dog with an apparently zero sperm count any more than for a female who fails to conceive. They then DEMANDED their money back because of this, and said they would bring Harley to Crufts and just leave him with me, because in their eyes he was basically of no use anymore to them!! I am still owed money for returning Nickle to Iris, and still have his UK papers in my name as the owner, until such time she pays me for the paperwork name transfer. Both Iris and Trude came to Crufts this year specifically to intimidate and threaten me, verbally and physically. After many exhibitors had left the ring area, I was set upon, bullied and shoved by both Iris and Trude. The KC are dealing with this VERY serious matter of assault which has been filmed by the internal CCTV cameras in the halls. Iris and Trude also took lots of photo's of me and my dogs in the worse possible poses just to gain maximum impact when being posted WITHOUT MY PERMISSION on facebook. I have never once in 20 years of being a highly respected international breeder, been treated this way and am dealing with this matter, the way I see fit because of the unacceptable, insulting way Iris and her bodyguard, Trude have behaved towards me. If anyone has experienced the same issue's with Solinos I would be pleased to hear from them privately, as I have been told that others have been sold clipped off Powderpuffs instead of the HL they have asked for. I am and always have been an honest person and have dealt with any issues and problems that may arise in the most genuine, open and sensitive way possible. This vendetta against me and my Kennel name is totally unfounded and purely a HATE CAMPAIGN by two very nasty, spiteful women. Unfortunately there are a few people who want to think the worst of others, but all will be revealed when this matter has gone through the correct legal avenues, as to who is in the wrong in this very sad matter ! NICKY MOON. "ZUCCI" WORLD FAMOUS CHINESE CRESTEDS

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